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tehama tahoe b767.jpg

Tehama Tahoe B767

Calved (09/06/2013) - AAA +*178177 - [ AMF-CAF-D2F-DDF-M1F-NHF-OHF-OSF-RDF ]

EPD Tehama Tahoe B767.jpg

- Ranks in the top 1 percent of the breed for CED and top 10 percent for WW and YW all while adding body, fleshing ability and base width.

- His maternal greatness ranks in the top 2 percent of the breed for $W and top 15 percent for HP, DOC and CEM

- Tahoe reduces mature size without sacrificing performance

- He will improve MARB and REA while adding eye-appeal, dimension and improving feet and udders

- Few sires can match his combination of Calving Ease, performance, maternal traits and carcass merit all while improving type and longevity

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