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Annual Production Sale

Our 2024 bull sale will be held at the Philip Livestock Auction in Philip, SD on April 16th at 2:00 PM MST. Come early to look at bulls and grab a bite to eat at the cafe on us!

As always a giant thank you to our customers! We can't do this without you! Just reading this and showing interest in our passionate cow program means a great deal to us here at Trask Family Angus!

As always, our primary focus is maintaining a rough, country, functional cowherd while producing sought after feeder cattle. In an ever changing beef market quality seems to pay large dividends to the cow calf producers as they market their calves.

Finding bulls to use that maintain great cowherds and produce premium feeder cattle is no easy feat. We spend countless hours studying pedigrees and EPDs that will do this to the best of our ability. We'd love the opportunity to discuss how all this impacts our cow herd and the genetics we're providing to others! Whether it's over the phone or a ranch tour, the invite is always open!

Navigating the bull market can seem daunting with so many choices and costs! We believe in forward movement of all traits of merit not single traits. Focusing on the balance like this, we believe, is critical to maintain longevity in cows whether it be fertility, feet, legs, or bags all while still offering calves that qualify for different beef quality programs such as Certified Angus Beef or Top Dollar. You'll find a majority of our feedstock qualify for one or both of these programs. If selling your calves for a premium interests you, let's visit!

What a blessing to be involved in and surrounded by full time agriculture! I can't think of a better environment to raise a family in! Thanks again! We hope to hear from you and see you at our sale April 16th in Philip, SD.

- Evan Anderson

The bulls will be in Philip on Monday prior to the sale for everyone to come view and visit with Todd, Tyler, Evan, or Tristan.

Call, email, or text Todd, Tyler, Evan, or Tristan anytime if you would like to view the bulls in Wasta.

We will keep the bulls until late April when we will deliver them to either you or central points. 

Our 2024 sale catalogs are out!

Join our mailing list today to ensure one is mailed to you!

Check out our Reference Sires page to see more about the bulls we use in our program.

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