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Herbster Increase 624

Calved 02/03/2016 - AAA +*18595300 [OSF]

Herbster Increase 624 1.png

- Son of Sandpoint Blackbird 8809 who is the mother of V A R Generation 2100, V A R Index 3282, Vintage Commander 4152, V A R Ranger 3008, V A R Foreman 3339, V A R Complete 1209, and V A R Reserve 1111

-Sandpoint Blackbird 8809 is the second-highest selling cow in angus history with a valuation of $500,000

-Progeny sales of "8809" have exceeded $4,000,000 in the last 5 years over 40 head

-8809 ranks in the top 1% for WW and RE, and in the top 2% for YW, Doc, and $W

-This bull is very well built, and gives that trait to his offspring

- The daughters of this bull are some of the best in our herd.

-The daughters are great mothers, easy fleshing, and raise outstanding calves.

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