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Deer Valley Wall Street.jpeg

Deer Valley Wall Street

Calved 01/23/2017 - AAA +*18827829 - [AMF-CAF-D2F-DDF-M1F-NHF-OHF-OSF-RDF]

Deer Valley Wall Street.png

- WALL STREET optimizes what a “cowmaker” is all about! He sires angular, easy fleshing, beautiful uddered females with good feet and moderate mature size.

- He is a true beef sire and easily one of the most physically impressive sires in our line-up.

- WALL STREET posts a “no holes” EPD package backed with progeny proof, moving programs forward for every economically important trait.

- This sire is an outlier among proven sires for heifer pregnancy furthering his status as an elite maternal sire

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