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Herbster Serviceman 544.png

Herbster Serviceman 544

Calved 02/09/2015 - AAA *18137002

Herbster Serviceman 544 EPD.png

-Son of Cherry of Conanga 2475 who was the 2013 $110,000 Foundation Heifer Donation from Connealy Angus and has amassed 2WW@105 and 2YW@102 

-544's EPDs rank in the top 10% of non-parent sires for WW, YH, SC, Milk, CW, RE and $B

-His actual weaning weight was 980 lbs 

-Throws progeny made in the image of the perfect cow bull.

-Perfect feet and legs, outstanding disposition, and easy fleshing ability all put together in a moderate size. 

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